Triton Wind Profiler: Case Studies, White Papers, and Testimonials

Learn how successful wind energy developers use the Triton remote sensing system to:

  • Accelerate the development of wind projects
  • Improve project energy estimates to reduce uncertainty and maximize profit
  • Reduce the cost of wind measurement campaigns

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Case Study

Windlab Uses Triton to Accelerate Development Projects in Africa
Windlab, global wind developer with an active pipeline in Africa, uses Vaisala Triton to rapidly scout new sites, reduce spatial uncertainty in complex sites, and supply additional data for lenders' calculations and wind farm design.

White Paper

Reducing Uncertainty in Wind Project Energy Estimates (with DNV GL)
A cost-benefit analysis by DNV GL shows why an additional measurement campaign using remote sensing systems is a cost-effective way of reducing project uncertainty and improving financing terms.

Case Study

Remote Sensing in Small Wind Projects
Advanced remote sensing systems are not just for large, global wind developers. Halo Energy and Marshall University, based in the United States, share their stories of how Triton and SkyServe helped them accelerate smaller wind projects.

Case Study

Triton's Ease of Use and Convenience Help Speed Global Wind Developer's Pipeline
Wind Prospect, one of the world's leading independent renewable energy advisory services and a global wind developer, had tried several remote sensing systems before it began using Triton. Learn why Wind Prospect adopted Triton to reduce uncertainty in wind resource assessments.

Case Study

Why Windlab Owns a
Large Fleet of Tritons

Windlab, a successful global wind developer with projects on several continents, has been using Triton for years as part of its standard resource assessment methodology. Learn why Windlab uses Triton to prospect sites, validate shear, and reduce topographical uncertainty.

Case Study

Noise Assessments: Part of the Wind Development Process
In the United Kingdom, noise assessments have been an important part of wind development for decades. Leading acoustic consultancy Hayes McKenzie has found Triton easy to deploy, accurate, and convenient - making their noise assessment projects easier and more cost effective.

NEW! Case Study

Leading Brazilian Wind Developer Uses Vaisala's Triton to Validate Complex Terrain
Playing in a complex policy environment, PEC Energia needs to make rapid, confident decisions about development projects. The company uses Triton to accurately characterize the wind resource in complex terrain and reduce spatial uncertainty.