Energy Assessment: Case Studies, Strategic Approaches, and Validations

Learn more about:

  • How you can reduce financial risk in your wind project investment
  • Comparing the costs and benefits of additional analysis or measurement at any stage of project development
  • Validations of Vaisala's datasets and technology

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Making Risk-based Wind Development Decisions
By Matthew Hendrickson. Learn how you can speed up your project development with our flexible Error Risk Framework.The framework is a rolling decision support tool using data and analysis to expedite the next steps in project energy assessment.

White Paper

Global Solar Dataset Validation
Vaisala examined 120 high-quality reference stations around the globe to evaluate the quality of the irradiance estimates provided by our solar dataset. The study found that our dataset compares favorably to publicly available data sources, such as NREL and NASA. Download the whitepaper for the full analysis.


Vaisala Wind Assessment Validation Executive Summary
This year, Vaisala conducted a significant validation study to prove skill and calibration of our resource assessment methodology. A concise executive summary of the results is available for download.


How Technology Demystified Wind Measurement Campaigns
by Lee Alnes, in North American Windpower, May 2015. How breakthrough technology and industry-accepted best practices have made wind power a safer investment - and how you, as a wind developer, can make this work for you.


Does the Sun Shine Brightly on Your Solar Projects?
By Pascal Storck, in Solar Novus. Solar projects are being developed at an accelerated clip. What do investors and solar project developers need to consider to make sure that their projects meet expectations?


Wind and Solar Maps
Download our wind and solar resource maps together in one toolkit, free for noncommercial use. (Please read the acknowledgement below)

Brcohure Toolkit

Vaisala in Energy
These two brochures, "Vaisala in Energy" and "Renewable Energy Assessment and Forecasting Services," discuss in detail Vaisala's commitment to the energy industry and explain what we can do for the renewable energy developer.

White Paper

Best Practices for Solar Assessment
This white paper presents a standard development roadmap to help conserve time and money and ensure that the most promising projects are constructed.