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Vaisala by the Numbers

  • 80 years of experience
  • 1600 employees across 30 offices in 16 countries
  • Supporting customers in 150 countries
  • 50% of energy personnel hold advanced degrees | 15% hold a Ph.D.
  • World's largest commercial computing centers dedicated to renewable energy
  • 20 million hours of wind data collected by Triton across 3700+ deployments
  • Forecast 150 GW of global wind capacity
  • 1800 renewable energy assessments delivered on 6 continents
  • Helped secure financing for 72 GW of proposed wind and solar capacity
  • Operations 93.5% powered by renewable energy | 100% by 2020

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Key Spokespeople

Pascal Storck, Director of Renewable Energy

Matthew Hendrickson, Head of Energy Operations

Lee Alnes, Global Manager, Measurements

Mark Stoelinga, Senior Scientist

Gwendalyn Bender, Head of Solar Services

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Delivering the weather observations and insight necessary for the energy industry to adapt while making profitable, sustainable decisions

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  • CONTACT: Ed Mahlum 
    Head of Energy Marketing and Sales
    +1 206 234 2045