DCV Application Note

CO2 Technology Selection Essential for DCV Savings




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Optimizing demand controlled ventilation (DCV) will contribute to an enhanced indoor environment at lower operating costs. The system can only be optimized by accurate carbon dioxide (CO2) sensing.
Humans spend 90 % of their time indoors. Studies indicate that indoor air quality (IAQ) is directly linked to human well-being and productivity. The CO2 level can be used as an indicator for indoor human presence. A high CO2 level is a sign of poor ventilation and often an indication of other unpleasant odors in the air. As many as 30 % of buildings have poor IAQ. The most economical way to determine the ventilation demand is to measure carbon dioxide, which increases in relation to number of humans present. By controlling ventilation according to the CO2 level rather than the assumed amount of people occupying the space, the indoor air can be kept fresh without over-ventilating and wasting energy.


This paper discusses the following topics:

  • Industry drivers
  • Linking CO2 performance to DCV systems
  • IAQ without false alarms
  • CARBOCAP® technology and HVAC applications
  • Guidelines for placing CO2 transmitters

(download the DCV Application Note here)



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